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Our goal is to match qualified candidates to open board positions from nonprofits across Washington County.

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LWC Alumni

Have you graduated from the LWC program? Would you like to put that knowledge to the test and find a board that is the perfect fit for YOU? Create an LWC alumni profile and search our database of open board positions. In addition, you will be able to keep updated about everything that the LWC is offering as well as resources that are EXCLUSIVE to the LWC program participants. For more on how to register, check out the video instructions here.

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Nonprofit Organizations

Are you looking for board members for your nonprofit organization? Would you like to be able to search by the position that you are looking to fill or people that are interested in the subject matter of your board? Create an RCC NonProfit profile and receive access to many qualified LWC alumni, all ready to start participating in a board that they can be passionate about.

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About the Portal

The portal was created with the primary purpose to match LWC alumni with NonProfit boards. In addition, it is a portal to all things LWC for the alumni, like exclusive content, dates of upcoming events and more! It has been made possible by the WCCF Grant- Capacity Grant from the Community CARE Fund.

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